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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16/16 Parent Newsletter


We had a great day at STrEaM Academy today!

First, teachers came together with board members Andranel Brown and Whitney D'arti to learn more about project-based education concepts and frameworks. We had great discussion and brainstorming on how to apply what we teach in each subject to hands-on projects and getting out in the community and local environment.

Second, many parents and students stopped in today to register, check out the school, meet with staff, or just say hello! THANK YOU parents and students for your visits! We are so excited to open school Monday!

Monday morning staff and board members will be outside and at the front of school at 7:30 AM to meet and greet everyone. We will start the school day all together in room 6 (the biggest room) before breaking into advisory groups.

Staff also worked on the master schedule today, which is nearly finalized. All students will have advisory, math, science, social studies, outdoor-based PE and health, and an elective like Science Olympiad, Robotics, Poetry, Photography, or Student Government.  We WILL offer Algebra and Geometry for all students ready for these higher math courses. Arts are integrated across all subject areas.

We have an ASD phone number! Our official, permanent number is (907) 742-9000. We received our copier today, and our laptops are on the way!

Finally, we are at approximately 80 students enrolled today. This is a solid enrollment. However, at our current staffing we can accommodate 10 to 20 more students and would like to do that. Please share and encourage families who are curious or on the fence to call, email or stop by and see us!

Thank you,
Adam Mokelke, Principal
(907) 742-9000
Cell (907) 360-1059